Online Appointment Booking

We understand that your time is valuable, and you may be unable to call during our clinic hours.

We are currently running a program that allows existing patients at our clinics to book non-urgent appointments using a secure online platform.

Please check your location here for a list of participating practitioners.

As we monitor the success of this initiative, we will continue to add more practitioners to this platform.

Note: You will need your health card and the name of your doctor to book an appointment.

O'Loane Medical Clinic

Appointment Booking

NOTE: for NP Maggie Horne, please book through your family doctors link. During booking you will have the option to select NP Maggie Horne. 


What is Online Appointment Booking?

Online Appointment Booking allows patients and caregivers to book appointments electronically through our website. It enables automated appointment confirmation and reminders for patients and caregivers.

Should I be concerned about the safety/security of my personal health information?

Your security is important: to you and the STAR Family Health Team.

The online booking platform we use is safe and secure for all personal health information. 

For more information on the tools we are using, Click here.

 Ocean by CognisantMD

What type of appointments can I book with Online Appointment Booking?

Routine appointment, PAP, drivers medical, telephone appointment, well baby visits, non-urgent care, etc.

Please Note: appointments available will vary based on physician.

Do I need to access to a computer to complete an Online Appointment Booking?

Most solutions are device-agnostic, meaning the booking platform can be accessed by any mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

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