Team News

Celebrating 15 Years of Service!

Thank you to the physicians at Avon Family Medical Centre for their dedication to training over 20 residents. Your commitment to train and retain so many of the primary care doctors that now serve in our community has made a lasting impact on healthcare in our area!

Recognizing – Dr Erin Heisz, Dr John Haddad, Dr Anne Martin, Dr Stacey Snider, Dr Leanne Peters, and Dr Donna Tomlinson. 

AHT Service Awards 2022

The STAR FHT recently recognized several of their employees with Service Awards ranging from 10 years or more in the provision of dedicated service excellence to the patients of the team. Each staff member has brought their unique skills and expertise to the clinical care of patients and to the delivery of many quality programs the team offers.

The members of the Allied Health Team that were honoured include:

The STAR FHT also wants to acknowledge the tremendous skills of its Executive Director, Monique Hancock, who has provided over 10 years of dedication and commitment in guiding the Allied Health Team to support every initiative that focuses on excellence in servicing the needs of the teams’ patients.

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