Diabetes 101-Understanding the Basics


Join our Registered Dietitian and Nurse Practitioner for this 2-hour session for people with prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes. You will learn:

  • What pre diabetes/diabetes means
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Complications of the disease
  • What your lab results for blood sugar control mean
  • How meal timing affects your blood sugar
  • Which foods affect your blood sugar and which ones don’t
  • How to meal plan for diabetes and prediabetes
  • What other factors affect blood sugar

By taking part in this program, participants will gain:

  • The opportunity to have your diet questions answered by a Registered Dietitian
  • A resource package to help you make sustainable changes
  • Self-management skill building


Resources for past/present program participants can be found here. Password to access these were sent to participants of the class. If you need help accessing them, please contact Jen at 226-779-1187.

Recommended websites

Diabetes Canada




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