Feeding Your Baby


Join our Registered Dietitian for a this 1-hour information session, intended to help parents with babies 2-6 months old make the transition to solid foods. Parents will have a chance to ask questions and have a discussion with other parents about feeding their baby.

Topics discussed include:

  • How and when to introduce solids
  • Texture progression
  • Feeding relationship
  • Making your own baby food

What others are saying:

“Really glad this class was offered, even for a 2nd time mom” -anonymous

“How times have changed from 10 years ago to now” -anonymous

“There are not nearly as many restrictions as I thought” -anonymous


Helpful resources for past/present participants can be found here. You will need to enter the same passcode used to access the zoom class.



Please select an upcoming class below and follow the prompts or call Jen at 226-779-1187 to enrol.

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