Raising a Healthy Happy Eater


In partnership with the Stratford Family Health Team Registered Dietitian, the program is an education/support group for parents of children 1-6 years old and will address the challenges parents face in feeding their children. There is no preregistration required.  Click on the session you are interested in and gain some valuable information to help make meal times with your child easier!

Following the best practices feeding model based on Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in Feeding can provide the structure and support children need to learn to eat a variety of foods and an amount that is right for them.

This method is associated with:

  • reduced meal time stress;
  • higher nutrient intakes in young children;
  • reduced risk for obesity and eating disorders; and
  • supports positive mental health outcomes.

RESOURCES for past/present participants. Password required.



There is no registration to join the RHHE sessions

To join the zoom links please visit the dates listed below or visit our programs calendar!



Upcoming Classes

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