Smoking Cessation – STOP Program


Cessation: the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end.


Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) Program is offered through the STAR Family Health Team and CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health).


The Stop Program provides smokers or recent ex-smokers:

  • One-on-one cessation intervention with our Family Health team’s Pharmacist who will help smokers identify triggers, assist with a quit plan and discuss a quit date.
  • Initial and follow-up meetings with the Pharmacist who will provide you with free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in the form of patches, inhalers, gum, and lozenges, and assist with tips and tricks for beating cravings, what to expect when taking NRT, and how to properly use it. Once enrolled, the individual will receive 26 weeks of NRT free of charge.
  • Enrollment is for 1-year from the date that the team’s pharmacist verifies your Intake information.
  • Patients are eligible to re-enroll if it’s been more than a year since their previous enrollment and they are currently smoking cigarettes or recently quit (within the last 30-days)


How to join the STOP Program:

Self-enrollment – Online:

If you are a patient of the STAR Family Health Team and are currently smoking, or using other nicotine-based products or have used nicotine products in the past 30 days you are eligible to join the STOP program.

  • You can *Self-enrol in the STOP program if you have a personal email address and access to a computer with internet.
  • Please contact Juliet at the phone number listed below, and you will receive a web link to register online.
  • Go to the provided link and complete the full online registration.
  • After completing the registration in full, you will receive a reference number.
  • With the reference number contact our team’s pharmacist and arrange an in-person, meeting to receive treatment counselling which includes: assessment of smoking status, behavioural counselling, and the provision of NRT.
  • To arrange this appointment, contact West End Pharmacy, Stratford (519- 273- 7200). It will take approximately 20- 30 minutes for this appointment.
  • If you are able to *self-enrol please call Juliet at (519) 273-1060 ext. 254 to receive the registration link.


Don’t Have a Personal Email to Self-enrol?

  • Call Teresa at (519) 273-1060 ext. 258   — you will get registered. Once you are registered, arrange an in-person appointment with the pharmacist at West End Pharmacy, Stratford by calling 519-273-7200) to start your Quit plan and start receiving Nicotine Replacement Therapy.


Please note: Intake appointments with the pharmacist must be completed within 45-days of registration.



If you can *self-enrol please call Juliet at (519) 273-1060 ext. 254 to receive the registration link.

If you do not have a personal email address to self-enrol, call Teresa at (519) 273-1060 ext. 258


For more information about STOP, check out “Frequently Asked Questions” about the program, click here.

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